A Minor Changes of Plans

This update is a bit late due to scheduling issues. So i might be moving updates to Tuesdays, not sure yet.

I have also changed up my Patreon some. I’ve added a couple new tiers… sorta. There was some weirdness getting tiers to link up with my discord. (link at the bottom of the front page of this blog) So, what had been intended as only one new tier became 2 to try out some fixes. Tier 3 at this moment has no bonuses over teir 2. I’ll try and fix that as I can.

Having said that the first reward for tier 2+ worked out great. A”Sketch Party” is when I sit down with several patrons on my discord and I draw sketches for them. These sketches can be found in both Cursed Art and in Events.

Speaking of which I also give you fine folks a new comic in Comics!

And lastly i fixed my Ko-fi link near the top of my page. Hint hint…

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